Czech Innovation Expo

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For the sake of 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic, we created together with the Czech centres the very first exhibition where you can say “is nothing”. Except VR headset and targets printed on the walls. Here, we again use both VR and AR technology. The exhibition talks about Czech innovators and innovations, such as Otto Wichterle and his eye lens, or about unbelievable inventions and activities of one of the most interesting but least known characters of Czech technological history, Jan Očenášek. With our mobile app, we augment with 2D animations the symbols placed on the walls of Czech centres all around the world. The “captured” visitor can then by using the button “more info” visit web pages, where he can learn much more about what he just saw in the animation. Hereby, we remind how much essential inventions, the small country of Czech and Slovak republic has brought to the world. The VR takes the visitors to different stylized environments talking about one of the inventors and his work. This exhibition is also unique by the fact that the majority of it is digital, non-physical, thus can be sent by one e-mail, all across the globe. Part of the exhibition is also a catalogue, containing cards with the image targets. This way, the visitor can take the exhibition home with him.