Šárecký dvůr

Today, it is already clear, that VR and AR do have a great potential in architecture and reality business. That is why, in cooperation with Svoboda & Williams and Crestyl, we brought the almost finished flat complex Šárecký dvůr and two show flats into digital form. Thus, the client does not have to go to see the flat in person, and he can walk through it in a precise virtual copy in 3D. The size, position to the sun, the movement of the sun in the flat and the overall feeling of the space is much more accurate, then on classical 2D renders. An important advantage of VR is that we can walk through a flat that is not yet built physically. Part of this project is also an app with AR which allows us to place a 3D model of a flat or a whole complex of buildings on a random horizontal plane, such as a table, or the floor. The client can like this, with the help of his device, see his future living.